Runners are the people who run from commitment, run from responsibilities, run from marriage, run from their past, run from change, run from growing up, run from communication, run from the truth, run from love, some even run from life by committing suicide. I guess we all have the instinct to run from anything that looks or feel like it might hurt or take a lot of emotional effort. Spiritual runners even run in their sleep (dreams of running). Runners can find a door in a steel box and it doesn’t take much to find a reason to run. For some, running is the only answer; it’s the only way to get in or out in a hurry.

From My Heart: You run as if you have a safe-house or shell to hide you. Your shell will always be there for you to hide in, for you to run too. That shell is where you shut down, hurt, cry, give up. But it’s also the place where God can restore, remold, mend, remake, repair and heal. Take wise chances new beginnings and love. Your hiding place will be waiting to shelter you. So the next time you feel like running away because you’re afraid of what you think the outcome maybe or your afraid of being hurt or you run because you can’t handle rejection or failure….Be Still, Stay, pray in your spirit for strength to endure that moment, stay pass that fear and see what God will do next or just stay and see if the outcome will bless you. Don’t do things in a hurry, in lust, in anger or in fear.

Do all things from your heart, do it the right way, the respectful way and do it with wisdom, knowledge and practice. Do all things in love.

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