Quality Time

Quality Time has become what is left over out of your busy schedule; after you have done everything else that you wanted to do; during quality time, you’re watching the clock/watch so you won’t miss the special time to leave; time or moment squeezed in to show others that their important; time manipulated or adjusted to make it look like you care; time that’s wrapped in a sacrifice to look genuine or sincere.

From My Heart: Quality Time is special time set aside for love, respect and honor; Time made for a single, cherish moment that you may not have again; Time that exclude anything, everyone and anything; Time outside of time; A moment when nothing else in the world matters; Time that creates a precious memory for a life time; One on one time that cradles the heart and secure the soul; Quality Time- time made for the one that you truly love most; Time made for the things that mean the most to your heart.

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