Priorities are important things or people; things or people that are put before all things; the things or people that you value and care about the most.

From My Heart: Priorities has become like the chicken and the egg-which comes first (its takes the chicken to lay the egg and it can’t be an egg without the chicken unless God made the egg first). Which is most important? Your child or Your Job-you need to work to provide for your child.

At some point, there has to be a balance in your life and a sacrifice for your children or a sacrifice for the love of your life. Without love, does anything else really matters or have any value? Gaining all the riches in the world and have no one to give it too or share it with, is a lonely feeling. Love should be your reason for all things. Love should be above all things. Your first priority should be love.

Advice- Put your children before your hair and nails. Keep a roof over your head before you buy a car. Pay the bills before you buy new clothes. Buy medications before you shop for shoes. Put food in the house before you eat out. Give money to those in need and take care of your responsibilities.

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