Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test:The first response to a pregnancy test is usually the most honest one, which is the same response when the condom breaks: Damn, S…, F…., etc…. It uncovers the true intent or negative feelings of a heart. At that moment, everything becomes a mistake and the hurt begins and a child’s life is altered before he/she is born.

The negative reaction in a moment of regret: Is it mine; how did this happen; Oh well; Are you sure; What are you going to do; Maybe it’s a false alarm; I can’t afford another child; It only happen one time; Did you do this on purpose; I thought you were on birth control; I thought you couldn’t have any kids; I’m not ready for a child; what will my family say; how will this affect my life; how will I be able to finish my educations; what will people think of me; I had plans for my future; not what; what if I’m infected with HIV or Aids as well as having a baby; I can’t be on lock down; I need my freedom; I’ll pay for an abortion if that’s what you want; damn I got to get a job or two jobs; how am I going to take care of a child and I can’t even take care of myself.

From My Heart: Sex and the consequences: you can’t change things back to the way they were; You can’t undone what’s been done; you can’t fix it or hide it under the rug. Finding out your pregnant should be a happy moment shared by two people that love each other and willing to make the commit and share that responsibility.

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