Prayer has become a well thought out announcement before others; words spoken to impress the people of God; prayer-fake time with God as if he doesn’t know your true feelings; a time to make a wish list (honeydew list) for God; a time to talk to God without listening and submission.

From My Heart: Prayer is your conversation with God. A time to thank Him for all he brought your through and thank him for having to put up with you. It’s time to Praise Him for being compassionate and merciful because you don’t deserve it. It’s your time with God to be who you are, what you are; humbling yourself before Christ in all that you are and all that you’re not. It’s going before God, stripped of pride, dressed in shame and willingness to change.

In prayer, you pour your heart, mind and soul to the one person that understands your crazy behind. It’s a chance to begin again, be made whole, be made over, restored and become a new person in Christ. Prayer is finding a resting place in the love of Jesus.

In prayer, you lay your fears, insecurities and worries at His feet; cry without feeling less of a man or woman; a time to heal in the secret places of the heart; a time to find God’s strength in your weakness. Prayer, a safe place, a rock on shifting sands; an act of faith that can save your life.

Prayer is a time to listen and a time to be heard by God, a time to find answers and seek wisdom and get answers. Prayer can be the light in darkness and your sunshine in a rainy day.

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