PMS is a man’s worst nightmare; a pain in the butt and an emotional roller coaster for the children.

From My Heart: We as woman are multi-talented; mother, wife, working women, maids, doctors, cooks, counselors, bed warmers and head of the home in an imaginary kind of way. We hold things in and do what must be done.

All PMS is, is a woman venting; the things that she held in all month long; speaking the things that bothered her from day one of that month; or maybe, it’s that moment when she realizes that, she have taken care of everyone else and there is no one to take care of her; it that moment when her body/hormones are going crazy inside and she’s trying to function normally but she’s had enough.

PMS is the silence before the storm; all the tears she held in; all the worries that no one cared about but her. Sometimes, severe PMS is physical or mental and medication is needed.

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