Pits of Hell


In My Heart, I walked into the hidden pit down in my own soul. I don’t know if I will make it out alive. Things that I had blocked out throughout my life, felt like a rope around my neck.

Facing my own truth and drowning in the hurt that I thought had healed; A pit that I dug with my foolishness, lust, hollow reasons, fear, stubbornness, anger, pride and regret. My chest feels tight as if someone was sitting on it and my body has gone numb. Consciences has a shovel above the pit, throwing dirt on my head trying to bury me.

The pits of hell in my heart has many doors, still no way out, to open every door would kill me I blocked it all out for a reason…. To stay alive inside It’s all before my eyes, every where I turn, and its there I take a breath, calling the name of Jesus. He takes my hand and pulled me out of me, healing me along the way.

Some part of the pit is still there waiting to destroy me or maybe to make me strong but Jesus and I will work it all out in time, in love.

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