PETs: Animals may not have a soul but they have a heart, emotions and feelings. When you hurt them, they cry. When you leave them, they are lonely. When they see coming, they are happy. When you abuse them, they fear you. When they lose someone they love, they mourn/grieve for days. When you are affectionate toward them, they learn to be affectionate. When you’re sad, some animals can sense this and try to comfort you. When you love them, they protect you; some will even die for you. When you give them away or they get lost, they try to find their way back to you because they remember your love.

Pets should be part of your family. They should service a purpose of compassion, companionship and protection. They were meant to be blessings. Yet, you leave them out in the cold, you suffer them to the heat, no baths, no flea collars, no flea powder, no shots, no fresh water or no water at all and they eat when you remember to feed them. You turn the music loud in the car with the windows up-they have sensitive ears. You subject them to your 2nd hand smoke just as you do your small children. You dress them in clothes to look pretty without making sure it’s uncomfortable for them. Pet clothing was meant to keep your pet warm when it’s cold or dry when it’s raining. You half-care for them and they still protect you and trust you.

Pets are like children, they are your responsibility. Neglect is a form of abuse. We are a selfish and inconsiderate people. Animals are better than most people.

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