Peace is not a moment of quietness. It is not a moment of contentment. It is not a place you run too to get rest. It’s not the kids being gone all day or sleep all night. Peace is not having everything you want and need at your finger tips. It’s not the moment a hard day ends and a bottle of wine begins. It’s not the moment of a hot bath or long shower. It’s not about being comfortable or being along.

From My Heart: Peace is something that happens within your soul. It’s like: when you look at the roaring sea but beneath the surface of the violent waters, the waters are still. Everything going wrong in your life but in your mind there is peace with prayer in your heart. Peace is something that only God can give to your soul and your life. It’s not the world’s peace, its spiritual peace. God’s peace is like a baby that falls asleep in your arms because they fell loved and safe. When there is no one to hold you and no one to say that it’s gonna be ok, God reminds you that He will never leave you nor forsake you and breathe. It’s like you being in the middle of a burning building and an Angel comes and picks you up and covers you with His wings so that you can breathe and he carries you out without a burn or scar; or like being in a terrible accident and you and yours are not harmed in anyway but the car is totaled and you know it was God protecting you; like when you’re filthy, lost, worn out, worn down, torn apart, infected, rejected, cast out, pushed aside, laughed at, talked about and God comes and puts his arms around you and cleans you up, clean you out, heals you and wash you whiter than snow and gives you a purpose for living.

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