Owned by a Drug Dealer

Owned By a Drug Dealer: Every time the phone rang… I froze in my footsteps; watching my children out the corner of my eye, frozen in their footsteps. Being so young they couldn’t figure it out why I would cry every time the phone rang… They would pull on me and say “momma just don’t answer it”. Every time I answer it and it was him. I had to stop what I was doing, get dress and be ready to be picked up. It started when this man saw me sitting outside my apartment crying, he gave me a 100.00 to help me with rent and food for my kids. A drug dealer’s Dealer; the man over the man. My life was his for a 100.00. My body was his.

Some nights he comes get me and I had to have sex with him as he wanted. Some nights I had to strip naked and lay in front of him, facing the door, while he slept behind me. I was his bullet proof shield just in case someone busted in the door for his guns. Drugs lay out on the table. I had to stand in dark allies to watch his car, deliver to run-down abandon houses. My life cost nothing. His people followed us everywhere we went. They knew where I lived. They followed me and followed my girls after school. There seemed no way out. He owned me because I accepted his help.

I told God if he got me out of this, I wouldn’t let people like him in life ever again. The last time I had to go with him, He told me that he wished things were different, he wish he could get out and be with me but he was in too deep. At that moment, he became human to me and I forgave him. I talk to a lady about a house and she said we could move in. The old man that sat outside my apartment told me when I could make a move and got guys to help me in less than an hour. I don’t know where that drug dealer is today. God moved us a block away from that apartment and he/they couldn’t find us. Our path never crossed again.

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