Non-Talkers/Backward World

NON-TALKERS (DON’T TALK MUCH) Non-Talkers are often quite; in much thought; not quick to put feelings into words; very observant.

From My Heart Not everyone knows how to put their feelings into words. Not everyone knows how to respond to certain topics. Not everyone likes to be put on the spot to say the right thing. People don’t talk for reasons of their own. Respect their silence with patience. Maybe they respect the power of words and use them sparingly. In any case, try to be understanding and be respectful. Learn to read their actions and study their ways. Learn to search their eyes for the words they don’t say. Learn to listen more and talk less and wait for their responds. Tell them what you want to talk to them about and give them a time to process it and come back later to discuss it. Last but not least, be merciful and give them a safe place to put how they feel. Think before you speak. Let them know that how they feel is important and you care about what they have to say.



Backwards World: The loudest person in the room is always heard and people are quick to listen but a quite, humble and meek person is never heard or seen. The meanest people are respected and we are quick to catered to their every need, but a patient and sweet person is neglected and catered to last.

A shallow person is accepted and given more of an opportunity than a sincere person, because their words are perfect and their appearance fit the room. Kindness and humbleness is interpreted as weakness or being timid which speaks inadequacy. Silence is viewed as anti-social, unusual, un-intelligent, which portray an inability to conquer and succeed. Sometimes, silence speaks much truth. Anti-Social-it takes strength to stand alone and be different.

Intelligence is an individual thing: Watch a doctor fixes a car; Watch a genius tries to conquer a simple thing. Watch a highly educated person play a child’s game and foolish. The strong person is considered the perfect leader but strength without wisdom is ignorance. Conniving people are trusted more than trusted people that you can depend on. Lazy people get paid more and the hardest working people get paid less or less than less People (friends, ect…) with no experience are hired to delegate people with years of experience We take care of everyone but our own.

We give more to the rich than to the poor. We have allowed our enemies access as if they are our friends. We cast our votes based on skin color, drama, hatred, insecurities, fear and greed… not with fairness, integrity, wisdom, knowledge or for the welfare or concern for others. Together we could conquer all but we are too divided, foolish and selfish. A land of beauty, blessed in all things, land of plenty yet, we are our own enemy. We are some backwards, screwed up people with messed up priorities. I know, go back where I came from… my mother’s womb, not Africa.

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