The word “Need’ has many definitions but it’s perceived from the same meaning…. Negative: I need you- She/He just wants to use me. I need you- He/She is trying to take advantage of a situation. I need you- She/He is just a gold digger. I need you- He/She is too weak minded, needy and incapable of taking care of them-selves. I need you- She/He has a hidden agenda or selfish motives. I need you- He/She just need my money so I can get whatever I want in return. I need you- She/He will hold me back from where I’m trying to go.

From My Heart Having to need someone, feels so bad inside sometimes: To need means, that you have no rights to have. To need, your self-esteem and self-worth are questionable. You expect the judgment and distrust. You expect the distant affection because He/She doesn’t want to get to close –love blinds the eyes. You expect the watchful eyes and un-ending questions about your where-abouts, spending, intentions and plans. You expect the tit-for-tat treatment. You expect you’re giving to be weighed by their standards and selfishness. You expect to be treated like the weaker vessel in your home, in society, in the system, around family and friends. Needing someone makes you human, humbles your heart even in humiliation and it teaches you to how NOT treat people. Needing people gives them a chance to do right in God’s eyes and be blessed in their giving. But needing someone who isn’t there for you, gives God a chance to show you the most amazing love, comfort and mercy that you will ever know. Needing makes you appreciate the good people that come your way and the beautiful things that you can afford in the future.

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