Money is a powerful thing yet it has no power at all. A piece of paper: an electronic invisible number. Money used to escape from reality is momentary peace. Money can buy love and make people who you want them to be. Money attracts fools, beauty, fake-people and swallow friends.

People use it, miss use it. People use it to build, use it to tear down. People use it to steal or claim what was never theirs. People change for money, change without money. People marry for money, divorce for money. Money makes people appear to be beautiful or make them appear to be more than they really are. Money makes you superior to others. For some, love for money; Kill for money; Live for money; Lie for money; Die for money.

Money causes is a lonely heart lost in Power. Money isolates people from sincere hearts. Money has no guarantees. Money is like hollow words from a hollow heart. Money is the god of most people’s lives. Who needs God when they got money? Money was meant to give, you can’t take it with you when you die.

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