I’m not sure that the mind is the brain, much like the heart is not the heart and the soul is not an organ of the body. The mind is a powerful, complicated yet simple thing. It’s a storage place for good and evil. The mind has been known to control the body and it consists of many thoughts in one head. The mind has been known to heal the body. When the mind hears that the body is sick, the body get’s sicker and possibly die. The mind tells the heart to hurt because of what the eyes see or do the heart see and tells the mind to hurt? The mind is a path with many detours and avenues that become the life that we live.

I feel that a person that wears many hats to fulfill many tasks on one job is no different than a person that is diagnosed as being schizophrenic; choosing to be or pretend to be someone other than themselves to conquer projects or a way to turn on a mental mechanism to survive a certain situation.

From My Heart If you cut a brain open you will not find a thought. If you cut a heart open you will not find a feeling. If you dissect an eye, you cannot see what has been seen, yet. It’s funny; man will try to find a way….

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