Mercy is an act of kindness from a sincere heart; A willingness to have compassion on someone or something that does not deserve it; An unselfish, sacrificing act of compassion.

From My Heart: With the gun to my head, he could have shot me- but he had Mercy. He raped me and could have left me for dead, but he did not-Mercy. He could have stabbed me in my sleep but he didn’t-Mercy. He could have laid down with me and infected me with HIV but he didn’t -Mercy. He didn’t have to protect me but he did-Mercy.

Having mercy on someone or something makes you feel human and it brings the heart alive. There is no mercy like God’s Mercy on us.



MERCY Lord, You’re mercy is like every drop of a waterfall, forever falling from heaven You’re mercy Lord, is Love. Your mercy taught me mercy. In Your mercy there’s forgiveness, strength and peace. Because of mercy Lord, I appreciate Your grace. Your mercy extends far more than my eyes will ever see. You’re words “Rich in mercy” Reassures me. When I cry out “Lord have mercy on me,” Your mercy comforts me and my heart is worry free. Saved by Your Mercy and Grace. Your mercy endureth forever. You said “You’ll have mercy on whom You will have mercy. I thank You Lord, for choosing me to have mercy upon.

Without Your mercy, I couldn’t feel Your love.

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