Men Love- Like the flow of your blood, one direction and it keeps you alive: love was meant to start in your heart and flow down to your penis. For most, love starts with the penis, sexual attraction- setting your-self up to fail. Control your penis and you can control your mistakes.

Leaders- Men were meant to be leaders. A Man is only as good as he treats others. Followers are only as good as their leader.

Lust is not a part of you. It’s a thorn in your side that you have to contently have to pray about and control. It’s what you choose to do. You choose to enjoy the feeling of Lust no matter what it cost you. Lust is not a reason for disrespect and unfaithfulness. Control makes you a better Man; a Man apart from Men. Control what you look at; again, your sees are your worst enemy.

Pride- Pride is no different that lust, anger, envy, selfishness, jealousy and insecurity; they are all powerful spirits that run deep and control you unmercifully. I believe that Humbleness, Faithfulness, Honesty, Forgiveness and loving yourself as God does would set you free from those things.

Re-define your definition of being a Man and be better.

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