MEAN People that hold a managing position or hold a leadership role, often come off as stern or mean. They demand respect and be taken seriously. They are not mean at heart but to get the job done takes firmness, stability and dedication. There is respect and honor even in chastising. There has to a balance of tough love and teaching the lessons that need to be taught.

From My Heart: But being two different people (stern and caring) is not easy; the line is very thin. Being determine, dedicated, devoted, focus, task driven, serious about your future, goals with a 5 year plan and still and still be professional and human is hard. This person is often misunderstood and misjudged. Most often they are different outside the work place, fun and a joy to be around.

Like in any leadership position: Lead with wisdom, knowledge and love and everything else will work its way out for your good. Just do the right thing.

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