Mean Spirited

Mean Spirited People are mean from the soul. They seem to be very closed minded and narrow minded individuals. Change is almost impossible. They have a conscience but it’s only for those that they love and even then, they are still mean but it’s mild. They don’t express human emotions very well, if they express it all. They are not happy people; showing love, happiness, joy or closeness is a sign of weakness in their minds.

From My Heart: Don’t let a mean spirited person steal your joy. Don’t let them affect your life and cause you physical sickness by stressing you out. Don’t let them see you cry, sweat or broken by their words and actions. Have the mind and strength of Christ. Be humble and pray before you speak. Don’t’ be quick to anger, you can’t think clearly in madness. Trust God, for, His revenge is sweet. And you never know, you may be a part of God’s plan to change that mean spirited person’s heart.

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