Materialistic: Love of THINGS (Jewelry, Money, Clothes, Cars, Drugs, Slaves, Land, Houses, House-Hold Items, Collectible Items, Stuff, Junk, etc…), at any cost, by any means necessary, forsaking all others. The need for THINGS comes before love and the well being of other… you’re materialistic.

From My Heart: It’s a thin line between being materialistic and enjoying the finer thing of life. The difference is, enjoying the finer things in life, you are able to share, give in a time of need; act of kindness from a sincere heart in the name of God and love. In being materialistic, your priorities are a little screwed up; Cars are more important than a roof over your head; hair, nails and clothes more important than food for your children; drugs are more important than family and how you look is more important than how you feel.

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