LOVE (The Constitution of Love)

Love is compassion, meekness, peace, understanding, faithfulness, giving, sharing, patience, mercy, kindness, caringness, consideration, forgiveness, communication, sacrifice, protective, providing, nurturing, supportive, honesty, fair and just, submissive, humble, respectful, obedient, appreciative, unselfish, slow to anger, being someone’s strength in weakness, seeing for the blind, hearing for the deaf, raising the young in wisdom, reaching for the lonely, finding the lost, watching over the elderly, comforting the sick, helping the hurt to heal, mending the broken and praying for all and praying together. Love should make a difference and bring about a change for the better.

From My Heart: Love does not lie, keep secrets or tell half-truths. Love is faithful in heart, mind and spirit; faithful with touch, hearing and faithful with your eyes. There is no pride in love and no love in pride. Love is not lonely or distant. Love does not take more than it gives. Love is peaceful even in a storm. Love forgives but is not foolish. Love is not about you. Love is about another without expecting anything in return. Love is without motives or selfish reasons. Love has no height or depth, no time or space. Love has no yesterdays or tomorrows, no beginning and no end, yet, love is the Alpha and Omega Love…. Love just is. This is not a man made love, this is the love that God intended us to have and to share with each other. Most have never experienced sincere, unselfish, faithful love.

I’m sorry for that.

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