Lies are untruths, secrets untold, half-truths, fiction, make-believe or an imagination gone wild. We all lie daily: on our jobs, to our friends, to our family and strangers. We tell lies to get what we want or need. But habitual Liars are a different kind of people. Their lies plant strong seeds of distrust, doubts and fear in a person’s heart. People, who feel the need to lie, start by lying for no reason at all. Lying becomes who they are and all they know to do. Most Liars are hard working people; they work hard at the lies they tell. They work even harder to keep up with each trail of lies they created and that, take skills. At some point in their lives, their minds start to believe their own lies.

From My Heart: Lies are like sinking sands-no solid foundation. Lies are like self-made pits. Lies change lives forever. Lies changes the way people see, think and feel. Love sees through lies. If you can’t go a day without lying, you have a problem. I know that, in this life you have to lie to get ahead; lie to keep a job; lie to get more business. But you should never lie in love, in your personal relationships or marriage. Lies are like drops of poison into someone’s soul. Lies are like death that never comes back to life.

God hates a liar.



Out-Come Of Lies Protecting and securing Lies, Secrets and Half-truths cause distance, distrust and hurt. There’s is a special place in Hell for habitual liars.

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