Leaving and letting go seem to be the hardest thing for people to do. Maybe because leaving is not always the right choice; maybe leaving is the wrong way to handle a situation or solve a problem. For most, leaving is the easiest way out. Some people have to experience lost/leaving in order to appreciate what they had. They don’t miss their water until it start flowing to another well. When words or thoughts are spoken concerning goodbyes, that person is already gone in their heart. Leaving one person for another person (trading a car in for another make and model) plants a seed of insecurity and doesn’t say much for your charter.

From My Heart: I must say that, there is something about a person being left behind; it leaves a feeling that state that you will always be left. There’s a lot of regret and pain in leaving or being left. It’s hard to accept that “No One” belong to anyone. Everybody has the right to leave- commitment or no commitment, marriage or no marriage. You can’t make someone’s heart ready for love if it’s not. You can’t make a relationship work by yourself-it takes two willing hearts. You really can’t make someone love you enough to stay if they want to go. All you can do is just help them leave, wish them well and take a deep breath and let time heal your heart.

Get over it, stuff happens. People don’t need a reason to leave and they don’t have to say good-bye because they have the right to walk away. Just remember, everyone love’s and leave differently.

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