Jealousy: It’s a frame of mind or a mind-set/focused on the wrong thing or wrong person. There is thin line between envy and jealousy; associated with dissatisfaction with self, unhealthy surroundings or personal situations.

Being jealous, feels awful inside: battling with your own faults, failures and regrets. Jealousy and Envy is not an easy habit to break. Most times, it stem from insecurities and fear or just pure selfishness.

From My Heart: Jealousy and Envy (lust of the eyes or selfishness of the heart) is a waste of time and energy but it’s almost human nature to want what someone else has. Never being satisfied with what you have and more will never be enough:

To be jealous or envious of marriages-you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. To be jealous or envious of the richthey are not happy with everything at their feet. To be jealous or envious of things or possessions-you can’t take them with you when you die.

Jealousy & Envy in a relationship- there is a hidden need, a truth not told, the outcome of a problem not solved, words spoken but not heard and the unknowing of a things. Sometimes, jealousy and envy is a FEAR of being hurt when things look unsafe for the heart. And sometimes, jealousy is the sin of our own heart, blinding the eyes, which makes the eyes see through a guilty heart.



Jealousy Feels Horrible. Curiosity and your imagination form pictures in your mind that consume your heart. Thoughts flowing through your blood; waking up nerves that were once coated in love through-out your body. Sweet memories drowned by hurt, pain, regret, revenge, pity, worry and longingness to have things the way you thought they were. It feels like your cutting yourself with invisible knives.

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