It’s You


It’s YOU If my body is wash whiter than snow or covered with filth; If my ears cannot hear and my eyes cannot see; If I prosper or prosper not, blessed or blessed not, it is you; If I cry, You are the reason for my tears, if I laugh it’s because you are my joy; If I lose, it is You that allow it to be taken or If I gain, it is You that giveth.

If my world crumbles and falls apart; If I lose my children, my family, my friends or lose the ability to think, feel and function, it’s You; If I sink to bottom of the ocean or able to climb the highest mountain, it’s you that allows; If I am lost or put in a jail cell beneath three decades of graves, I know you will save me. If I live, it’s because You gave me life; If I die, it is You that allow my life to be taken.

If I rise above a thousand hills or sink in sinking sands; If I am in the hospital bed filled with hopeless pain or going through life with no pain at all, it’s You. If my soul stayed anchored in You or if my soul stray; If my broken heart is healed or remain torn; If my heart is harden or harden not, it’s You

If I died today and saw heaven or died tomorrow and saw Hell, You will be with me. Because I believe you’ll be where ever I am, I am a complete a thought from the words spoken from your heart. You are my beginning and my end. Whatever happens or happens not; You allow because it’s part of your plan for my life and my life is you.

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