I’m Sorry

“I’m sorry” is often used as a Band-Aid after a cut, a pill after an infection, crutch after a break, a funeral after the wake. “I’m sorry” means “I’ve done what I’ve done so get over it because I can’t undo it.” It means that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person and the wrong thing happened.” It seems to be hollow words use to get through a moment or situation expecting a wonderful outcome.

From My Heart: “I’m sorry”. What does it change: The intent before the deed, won’t cancel out the hurt of a matter.


“I’m Sorry” Somewhere between the hellos and the good-byes. “I’m sorry” is always there “I’m sorry” is a way out of intentional wrong. “I’m sorry” makes the guilty heart feel better. “I’m sorry” are the words you can count on hearing. There should be a limit to how many times a person can say. “I’m sorry” What are they really sorry for, they knew the outcome of their deed.

They knew the pain that they subjected to a heart to and they knew the tear that would fall. They know their wrong even in their so-called right. Why say you’re sorry for a premeditated action? Does “sorry” supposed to change things and erase the wrong they did… I don’t think so. “I’m sorry” is like a hall pass to the next room of excuses. “I’m sorry” means, take what I’ve done and accept that I might do it again. It means, I’ll give you time to forget until I mess up again. How often does a “I’m sorry” come from a sincere heart? It’s sad to say that the words “I’m sorry” is spoken more than “I love you”.

I’ve come to hate those words. “I’m sorry” really mean that you really don’t give damn about me in your wrong. Now, “I’m Sorry” it’s over

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