I Wasn’t Born This Way


He looks at me as if I was born this way. People like him made me like this I was born innocent, sweet, giving, loving and trusting. I feel condemned for being damaged at heart and scared to the core of love. It’s not my fault… I didn’t know that heartache would alter my ability to love. I didn’t know that the tears would harden my heart after they have fallen from my face. I didn’t know that my body would develop a routine, habit and need to run from love. I didn’t know that, between every so called Mr. Right, the pain was killing who I am and who I was meant to be. He looks at me as if I was born with this fear that protects my heart and my peace of mind. I can’t see pass the “fear”, “maybe’s”, “what if” and the thought of another heartache

My colors used to be bright as a rainbow, filled with life, hope and faith in love. Now at the thought of love… love feels like death waiting to kill me

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