I Chose Pride Over Love


Instead of standing before you and sharing my fears of being hurt; my pride stands strong and I walk away Instead of showing you that I need you; my pride portrays me as a people that don’t need anybody for nothing.

Instead of shedding a tear in your presence; I avoid eye to eye contact or avoid time with you. Instead of calling you and asking you to come be with me because I’m lonely; pride harden my heart and keep me company. Instead of meeting you half way; I make you come most of the way so I can feel in control and loved.

Instead of swallowing my pride to ask; I wait for hell to freeze over or wait for you to ask you ask … whichever comes first Instead of letting you in and making you feel at home; I make it known this is mine and your time is limited Instead of opening up my fragile heart and let you love me; I treat you like you’re no different than they Instead of pouring out my heart to give your heart a safe place to belong; I keep silent and this makes your mind unsure and confused All you want to do is love me, but chose pride instead of love.

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