Husband, devoted and faithful. Man, unfaithful and dishonest.  Husband, caring and providing.  Man, selfish and narrow minded . Husband, understanding and supportive.  Man, distant and inconsiderate.Husband, learns to be attentive and compassionate.     Man, labels feelings or emotions as drama. Husband, a God fearing man Man, pleasing God is far from him. Husband, comes home and home is where the heart is.  Man, home is where he pulls off his shoes.  Husband, respectful and encouraging Man, feed off of low self esteem. Husband, grows with his wife, changes with his wife. Man, leaves instead of growing and changing. Husband, whaps the tears away and easies the hurt Man, causes the hurts and tears Husband, endures all things with his wife. Man, allows things to separate him from his mate. Hubands shouldn’t be the same as Man but Men should always treat their mate as a wife.

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