Hunger-The body of a human or animal that is starving for the one thing that keeps its flesh alive- food, water & pleasure. Hunger alters the mind of a person or animal: causing madness, anger, confusion, violence, evilness, delusions, depression or greed. Hunger is a created weakness to be controlled.

From My Heart: Hunger is a powerful thing. The mind, body, soul, spirit is weak in hunger. A hungry human or animal are easy to control with the food but without food you can’t tell the difference between which is human and which is animal. The body can’t survive without water and food. Everything that the body needs to stay alive will become extremely and unbelievably expensive and they will hunger as a form of control.

The bible talk about the mark-you won’t be able to get food without it-a form of control which may cause you to have to decide between whom you love and what you need: Food or God. A mother will do anything to keep her children from being hungry.

To be hungry is an awful feeling and no one should be hungry or without clean water in the entire world- there is too much of it. There will always be money for weapons, research and wars. It’s an unfair and vicious game: Prices go up for the things we need the most -food, medications, personal items, gas in their cars, clothes, a roof over your head, water and electric.

Hey, it’s all about the greed, selfishness and power.

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