Human Nature

I don’t think we are human. The way we treat each other; the way our children and elders are treated; the way we treat our spouses and love ones; the way we treat animals and employees (one in the same to some) and the way we treat God who gave us life.

From My Heart: From the beginning of time we/people have always been selfish and narrow-minded people. I understand though; love alters life, hurt alters the mind, pain re-directs a path and what we were taught becomes who we are.

But People, YOU HAVE A CHOICE- a choice to not see through the eyes that raised you; to not be how you were taught to be; to be better than those that hurt you; think outside the box that people put you in and just do the right thing.

We were all born to be righteous and we all know in our spirit what is right and wrong…. Easy said than done. After all what I’ve been through, I should have no love left for mankind…. But I choose to love as God has loved me and I trust God to heal me, ever time my heart is broken… which have been all my life.

Being human is being kind, caring, compassionate, understanding, loving, merciful, giving, patient, enduring, fair, honest and faithful in all things.

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