Honesty has become: Half of the truth; Un-spoken truth; What you want to hear; or a Justifiable reason.

From My Heart: Honesty is a truth spoken from the heart in love, honor, respect, mercy and kindness. It is a true fact of an event told in full truth. Honesty is a chance to come clean, to be free from old secrets and a way to mend broken hearts and a chance to be respected. Honesty destroys a lie, expose satan and ease the soul; Honesty up-roots the seeds of deceit and plants new seeds of trust. It gives shame a chance to heal and be blessed.

Being honest with yourself and others is hard but if they love you, they will forgive you. Start with asking God for forgiveness and then find the courage to forgive yourself and change. Honesty and Truth is love…love is what keeps you from doing things that you don’t have to be dishonest about.

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