Heart Surgery


How do I begin to do surgery on your heart when my own heart is so messed up because of you. I guess, I could operate with my eyes closed and pray for the best. Is your heart mine to operate on or change as I please? I guess hypnosis would have the same effect as surgery

If I change your heart, the flow of your blood, would that change your soul? If I re-wired your heart to feel a certain way, then whom would you be. Heart surgery won’t change your spirit of distance or make you love me. If the heart is the mind… brain surgery could be dangerous to your whole body.

Isn’t it funny how, without your heart beating and brain functions, there is no you. So, who is it that I really love about you? Would heart surgery be the answer to my prayers? No. Praying for your heart, spirit and soul would be surgery enough. God works from the inside out without complications and risk. God is the perfect surgeon of life and love. I’ll just have to make you an appointment with Jesus to get you right.

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