Hard Hearts

Hard Hearts: A hard heart has many reasons: Pride, Free, Hurt, Anger… A heart filled with tears that turn into an ocean of bricks; A silent conscience; Emotions hidden to appear non-existent; Self-reasons are reason enough; No regret; No remorse; In your lessons, you only learn how to avoid the same out-come; A narrow path and selective emotions that lead to loneliness.

From My Heart: A hard-heart cannot hear, see or so emotions in the time of need. A hard-heart will miss many blessings in that state of mind. Nothing penetrates a hard heart but free-will to let love in. Every decision or thought stems from a closed, narrow mind frame of anger and hurt. A hard heart makes many foolish mistakes.

Solution: Forgive (Let Go and Let God have it) Take responsibility for what you allowed to happen and forgive yourself If you make a mistake and you learn not to do it again… you learn nothing. If your mistake is, that you gave: learn how to give, when to give, pray about how much to give and what to give or if to give at all and the same with love. Do all things in love, prayer and expect nothing Harden not your heart, dust the pain off your shoulders and the dirt off your feet and move on. Know that people are just people- we all know not what we do and we all fall short of God’s Grace and Glory.

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