Grieving My Holy Spirit

I know I’ve grieved You in many ways….many times. I’m truly, whole-heartedly sorry. If You stay with me, we can get through this; for I can’t be strong without You, weakness would kill me. I can’t give without You; I would never have anything left to give. I can’t love without You, love would drain me. I can’t feel God’s anointing without You, you’re the anointing within me. I can’t find God’s peace without You; worldly peace is temporary and shallow. I can’t see without You, things unseen would rule over me. I can’t be without You, You are my faith, my hope, strength, knowledge and wisdom, Holy Spirit, You’re the reason why my heart still beats; my tears wouldn’t dry without You side. My soul would be burden, my compassion would cease and my caringness and concern would be limited. You loving me, keep me alive; without You, I shall not be.

Holy Spirit, please don’t leave me, don’t let sin keep You from me. You’re a part of me and there’s no me without You.

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