Dream Time w/Mother

Missing and needing my mother so much and so many times in my life, God decided to have mercy on me and allow me to dream of my mother. In these dreams, mom knows she’s gone and I know she’s gone but it’s out time together. Times that we never got to share while she was here. Once, when I was going through so much and I dreamed that I was sitting on the tub in the bathroom and she was standing at the sink. I remember asking her why this and why that… Mom looked at me and said that she couldn’t tell me why but everything’s gonna be ok.

I’ve never had a birthday party in my life. I dreamed, couple days before my birthday that mom gave me a big party. It was a dream but it was my first birthday party in my life. I would share these dreams with my baby sister. And this particular dream happened after my baby sister confronted me with anger in her voice. She wanted to know why mom spent time with me in my dreams and not hers. Dreaming about Mom comforted my soul and helped me to make it through all the years of not having her.

So, one night God allowed me to dream for my sister: Mom was in her bed sleeping like she would do before going to her 2nd job. I and my baby sister were polishing her finger nails and toe nails, combing her hair and my baby sister got up and walked out the room for something and Mom woke up. And I said “Momma, she’s upset because you don’t spend time with her in her dreams and she misses you too.” Mom said to tell her that she never asked. So when I woke up from the dream, I called my baby sister and told her about the dream. She dreamed about Mom and that’s their time together. Peace & Patience.

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