Being Sensitive

Human Sensitive: Being sensitive has become viewed as a weakness or fault. People often make fun or criticize those that are sensitive. Spiritual Sensitive: You are sensitive to the things seen and not seen. Your spiritual feelings exist as a 6-Sense.

From My Heart: Being sensitive, caring about the feelings of others; portraying emotions that show how much you care; being sensitive to the needs of others; showing sympathy when people need it the most; being sensitive to words un-spoken. Empathy taken to a whole different level: To be able to know or sense things that no one else can, being able to see things that shouldn’t exist, to be able to feel people’s hurt or pain, to able to feel when something is wrong, see through a lie is a blessing not a curse. Embrace your Gift. God made your heart to care and he made you differently. If being sensitive is who you are, be secure in yourself and be compassionate. Compassion is what causes you to be able to powering in knowing. Use all Gifts wisely.

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