Being Human

Our past is our future, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but once it falls to the ground, it’s free to be different Our minds naturally store what we must forget; ignoring memories is a 24 hour effort. Memories create our fears and weaknesses, our strength and successes.

Our hearts has rules of its own; a constant struggle between wanting and raise to want; loving and raise to not love; needing and raise to have pride and never ask; desiring what we were taught to hate and desiring what we were never meant to have.

Our soul and spirit constantly battling between what is rights and wrongs, love and devotion, what is pure and holy and what is evil and inhuman. Our souls cut with lies and dishonestly, drowned in tears and sorrow and lock away to hide pain.

Our bodies born to function or not function, born to be different and have different needs, born with insecurities and flaws, born to change but bodies were born to die. Accept eachother and let eachother be who we are. Human.

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