A Stranger


The beauty I see in you, maybe it was the beauty of the beholder, me. I wanted to look in your eyes to search your soul but today. I don’t want the truth to be known you’re “Hello” was enough to last till I never see you again. Your presents, brought comfort to my heart of what love could be. It was truly a blessing just to behold your face… You were like a beautiful butterfly passing me by. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted the pain you would bring into my life. All I could think about was, the bad would outweigh the good. I wanted to say something to make you stop in your track and make you notice me. A part of me wanted to step into your world and show you that my love could change your life. But the fact of the matter was, I’m not what you’re use too. I’m not your normal choice. I missed the moment to speak; I missed the moment to make you love me. I missed the chance to prove myself wrong and see if you were Mr. Right. I missed a beginning by trying to save my heart from a hurtful end I miss what I could have had

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