Where You Have Been

You once loved me with compassion, passion and mercy Everything you did, you did in much love and respect … we were one. Sometimes, where you go, you never come back from. Sometimes, where you’ve been, will change you for a life time. Sometimes, the things you do, changes you inside. By the kiss of your lips, no passion,

By the kiss of your lips, no passion, just lust of the flesh. By the way that you hold me, you feel nothing but a woman’s body near you. You love me outside the bedroom as if I’m the best things that ever happen to you. By the stroke of your hand, you feel no need to be gentle. By the roughness and disregard for the delicate texture of a woman’s body, it’s extremely obvious where you have been. By the pervert things that you request of me, the disrespectful things you say to me in the heat of the moment You resent me because I am not they.

I’m classified as boring and less than a woman because I refused to go there with you. This lets me know that, the part of you that has been many place, has not returned the same. Where you have been, does not determine who I am; I am a Queen. The things that you were subjected too, a skill that you have mastered, merging me into it as if you forgot who you were with. This, you will not do to me. Your being, your spirit and your perception of making sincere love have been altered for life.

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