Being unfaithful is deeper than being a cheater. The word “faith” gives it a whole different meaning. It means that God is somewhere involved. Being unfaithful affects the lives of love ones, causes broken homes, financial stress on the family, children act out in desperation or depression. It’s more than a game played on the heart. Many lives are at stake. This sin affect generations to generations.



Unfaithfulness, an effort to lock all that you love, including your own heart into a vault until you have finished performing an act that will alter lives and change things forever. Unfaithfulness, an answer to loneliness and a method to be understood. Unfaithfulness, a safe place to find a need to be respected and appreciated. Unfaithfulness, an act of justification or rejuvenation. Unfaithfulness, a cry for mental and spiritual help to deal with self and others. Unfaithfulness, a hiding place from reality, from change, from commitment, from your future. Unfaithfulness, a willing weakness of pure selfishness. Unfaithfulness, the moment you lost your damn mind and expect everything to be the same. Unfaithfulness, an act that you can’t undo.

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