The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love comes with much sorrow and pain and very few are born with it. A love that cares about how God feels. Love without motives or reason. It just is. It has no end or beginning, it always is. There is nothing you can do to make this love stop loving you. It’s unlimited, no boundaries, no walls and no stipulations. It has no yesterday or tomorrow, no time, no space and no distance. It has no height, nor depth. It just is. It’s not base on who you are, what you’re not or how others perceive you to be. It just is. It endures, blessed with power to heal by being a vessel of God. It encourages and comfort.

The gift of love is the hardest spiritual gift to have. It doesn’t fit in everyday life; it has no place to belong. It’s submissive, meek and very humble but by no-means weak. It’s deeper than what we were taught that love is. Its love without expectation of being loved in return and loving and letting God do the rest. It just is. It’s not logical or realistic in the eyes of most people.

Through the eyes of man, this love seems naïve or foolish. It takes much wisdom to behold the Gift of Love, for it’s the love that God intend for all of us to have for/toward each other.

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