My Enemies Are Many

My Enemies Are Many I watch my enemies as they plot chains of events to result in my failure. I watch them as they politely ignore me or pretend I’m not there. I watch them grab at any opportunity like a 1000 vulture on one prey. They dive down at me, tearing pieces away, hoping to disassemble my strength. They strive to leave me helpless, mangled and torn apart with no self-esteem.

I watch my enemies blind the eyes and hearts of those that thought highly of me. They planted a negative seed in those that I considered my friends. I watch my enemies affect my days and nights, my relationships and my family. I watched my enemies affect my driving, my eating, and my sleeping… my health. I watch them affect my future, my money, my dreams and my determination. My enemies have broken me down to my knees, crying out to you Father who are in Heaven to save me from them. I saw their joy over the sight of my tears, anger and weakness. My enemies are many before me, they are always willing, able and ready. I allowed them to affect me. I allowed them to put fear in my bones. I allowed them to discourage me from trying again

They question my God-given-abilities to do what I do. I allowed my enemies to make me their footstool and be a product of their success. The one thing that I fail to realize is that, my enemies know who I am in the Lord, what I’m capable of, if given half a chance they know what I can do and they know who I belong too This is why they try so hard to prove otherwise and make me someone I’m not. But I promise you this, they will fall before me in sorry and tears… and I will forgive.

I am my Father’s Child. A Child of the most High God. God is powerful and mighty and I’m apart of whom He is. Jesus is my witness and His words are my shield, my strength and my force I WILL STAND AND THO MY ENEMIES ARE MANY, I WILL PROSPER! In the Name of Jesus….Amen and Amen

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