Make a Discision

You walk around like you got it all together when you’re really falling apart inside. You’re looking good, styling and profiling like your banking with Jesus himself. Your care for those that deserve you not and give to those that uses you up. You surround yourself with friends, who are fools that talk behind your back. Your heart is heavy… make a healthy choice and a wise decision. You listen to those that are jealous and envious of your blessings and success and take their advice. You trust those that wait for you to fail or fall so they can say “I told you so”. You love those that know not what love is. You feel alone in a room full of people because they don’t really know you; you’re with the wrong group of people. You’re alone in your life, in your heart… make a healthy choice and a wise decision and love yourself and keep yourself company. You’re doing all you can to make your love work, sacrificing all but the air you breathe. You bend over backwards, hang up-side down and turn flips to be appreciated. You give the moon, the stars and every sunset and nothing is given in return. You open your heart, pour out your soul and cry a river of tears day and night. There is only so much a heart can take… make a healthy choice and a wise decision and Love Yourself when no one else does.

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