Lord, You love me anyway


I know my boat don’t always float and when it does, it only floats to the left. Some days my elevator goes halfway up and shifts to the right. Every cup I have, has a hole in it and most of them have been glued back together. I fall short, drift backward when I’m trying to go forward and I miss the point a lot. My ducks don’t know what a straight row is and I never know when to fly south. But, Lord you keep me close to your heart. Sometimes I’m blind even though I see and I’m deaf while hearing out of both ears. I don’t make sense most of the time to no one but myself. I don’t understand the simple things of life and love and I stumble over stuff that I knew was in the way. I often find myself swimming in the same shark-infested waters looking for the same things. But Lord, you are still there for me and you never forsake me. I get lost with perfect directions and I even get lost going to places I’ve been before. I lose what I’ve never had and I claim things that were never mine. I hardly every get anything right and most days I expect the worst and other days I have to laugh at myself for the way my mind works. I don’t know what you’re going to do with me Lord, but thank you Lord for loving me in spite of myself.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for loving me anyway

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