Your ears are connected to your soul, spirit and mind. Ears are connected to your fears, insecurities and desires. What you hear affects how you see things. What you hear determine your decisions and direction. You don’t always need ears to hear Actions speaks and the heart perceives. How and what you hear change your life for the good or bad Hearing, listening… the ears have no doors, no filter and there’s no erasing what is heard, it’s embedded for a life time. The Wind of Words carved in the soul Hearing and Listening, seeds or weeds planted to grow or die. Hearing and Listening, dreams are encouraged or destroyed. Hearing and Listening, builds or tears down. Hearing and Listening, heals or bruise. Hearing and Listening affects lives, future and love.

The best friend of Hearing and Listening is Alzheimer. Casting down thoughts and hurtful words before they reach your mind, spirit, heart and soul.

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