Trying hard not to make the same mistakes; ending up making different mistakes for the same reasons. Outcome: it’s still a mistake. Trying hard not to repeat history, forgetting the past yet the past drives your every move. Your past mark your footsteps and direct you to only places of comfort and control. Trying to make decisions, to make up for all the mistakes you made and change the things you could not control; sacrificing self to no ends. When in fact, it is what it is… what’s done is done. Trying to pretend it all went away when things got better but the effects of your mistakes never go away. You just have to deal with it every time it come back to remind. Trying not to go down the same path and detour from anything or anybody that reminds you of the guilt of your past; missing the path of blessings because of fear.

Guilt: the sinking of a heart, drowning of a soul in regret and shame. Confess, forgive self and more on.

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