Gossipers & Nosey People

They are like a glass that can’t hold water, it breaks every time and the water always falls from someone else’s eyes. You can’t control your need expose weaknesses and insecurities, so therefore, you can’t be trusted with matters of the heart. From My Heart Having the spirit of Gossipers/Extremely Nosey People, a very strong spirit and it’s almost impossible to control. It feels like being taken over my greed or hunger, feeding off others lives; filled with a storm of information, bursting at the seams; like a dead battery looking for a form of energy to execute someone else.

People who gossip don’t realize how they affect other people’s lives. I think the need to tell something is like the need to have drugs. Like you have to tell it, you gotta tell somebody something. You can’t control your tongue. I don’t know why gossipers and nosey people have no self-control when it comes to the business and personal lives of others. Put you need to take moment by moment to concentrate on your own lives a little more.

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