Freedom is like a woman allowing you to get comfortable with her so that no other can enter your life: She cause you to develop habits that you don’t want to break like: not being able to sleep without the TV or Radio playing; getting use to things being your way or it’s no way at all; becoming set in your ways ; distant; comfortable in your space; you don’t let anyone get close; you can’t see a reason to adjust to keep someone in your life; you can’t find a reason to change for the sake of love; if someone is in your space too long, you feel smothered or anxious. Freedom cost. In freedom, you gain but you also lose.

From My Heart: You can be a slave to freedom. You can take freedom to the extreme (doing whatever you choose to do, no matter how it affects the people around you or the people that love you). Freedom and love is like water and oil, it doesn’t mix. In Freedom- you’re a slave to your own desires. There is freedom in Loving and Knowing Jesus Christ.

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