Free Spirit

Free Spirited People are just wired differently, hear life is a different rhythm and see life in a different light. They can’t be locked up or contained or controlled. Freedom keeps them alive inside. They may travel a lot, can’t sit still long, ideas run through their minds 100 miles an hour, quick to try new things, anything is possible in their head and their minds change like the weather.. Being adventurous and spontaneous is just who they are. From

My Heart: A free spirited person is a like bird in your hand: You can’t hold its feet to make it stay-it won’t be happy. There is nothing you can give to make it fly back to you, nothing you can say to make it stay; nothing you can feel to make it “not” want to fly away. Cage it, it will lose its zest for life; locking it down, taint its spirit and destroy its passion. Time is their friend. In their own time, they will commit but that freedom spirit will always be present in one way or another.

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