Freak in the Bed Room

Freak In The Bed Room is a person who has experiment, more than enough and have gotten lost in a place that’s hard to come back from. They have walked through open doors that lead to other experimental things; there is nothing they won’t try in order to be pleased. Never satisfied and open to anything.

From My Heart: It’s ok to be married and try new things to keep excitement in your marriage but there is a thin line between sincere fun and extreme pleasures: Whips and chains, bruising and pain, using animals in a degrading way, etc…. Someone has exposed you to new things and you made it a way of life and those new things have become a need. You will eventually expose others to it.

Behind closed doors… as long as no one finds out, it’s acceptable. It’s like someone planted a seed in you and the seed were wild weeds. Weeds are hard to control and contain. Weeds consume everything in its path. Some pleasures consume you like an addiction.

There has to be boundaries, logic, sane reasoning, limits and respect for human nature. But I know that it’s hard for someone who has experienced so much wildness/freakiness that you can’t have a normal, loving, sincere, intimate connection as God intended. Normal has become boring. Like any other addiction, you have to lay it down, fight to respect the body, walk away from it, cast it down when it enters your mind and pray. Pleasure is a very strong spirit to control and overcome.

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